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Printing More Than One Copy at at Time in Auction! Version 3

Auction! V4 has built-in capability to print more than one copy of each page, for invoices or bid sheets.

As computers and printers have evolved, some no longer respond to the program setting for Printing multiple copies
with Auction! V3. If you've tested this feature, and need another solution, read on:

Option 1 - best choice for the work around in Version 3

In Windows Control Panel, Devices and Printers:  If a printer in not already installed, install  your print  and name it appropriately like "HP Laser Jet".  Once a the printer is installed, install the same printer again and in second copy of the installation for the same printer, name it "Two Copy HP Laserjet" or something like that. 

Once the second copy of the printer is installed, in Printers and Devices, right-click on"Two Copy ...." pinter and select printer properties (not simply "properties"). Go through printer preferences and set number of copies to "2", NOT "collated."  Save these settings.

It is advisable to set the original installation of the printer as your default printer, so that when printing a document using any other program you can choose the number of copies. When you only need one copy of any document or report in  Auction! V3, you choose the default as your printer.   But in Auction! V3 when two copies of the entire document are needed, in the Windows dialog box for selecting the printer, choose the printer you have named "Two Copies..."


Option 2 - "brute force"

Close Auction! V3, In Windows Control Panel, Devices and Printers, right click on your default printer and select Printer Properties (not simply "properties"). Set the preferences to two copies not collated. Save and Close. Restart Auction! V3 and from not one Auction! AND any other program will print two copies of any document when the default printer is chosen.

To return to one copy, you must close Auction! and then go back into Control Panel, Devices and Printers and set the printer properties for that printer back to one copy. Save and Close.