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Mobile Bidding and Online Auctions

With Auction! V4, the ability to exchange data with online auction and mobile bidding providers is a premium feature when premium technical support is in force. All premium feature capability can be purchased for $100 per year when technical support is in force.

AuctionFrogs         Printable Mobile Bidding Flyer

We now offer our own mobile bidding and online auctions for our V4 customers. If you have Version 4 and contract with us to host mobile bidding at your event, we charge a flat fee for our services with no additional percentage of your proceeds.

The integration with mobile bidding is a snap!  Enter your items and bidders into your Auction! project as you normally would. For mobile bidding the list of bidders and bid numbers to AuctionFrogs using Auction!'s premium feature mobile bidding bidder export.  Upload your single purchaser silent items to A!Mobile or A!Online using our special mobile bidding items export. When the mobile bidding ends, retrieve the results from us and use our special mobile bidding import feature to bring all the winning bids into Auction!.  Enter the live item winning bids and any multi bidder silent or retail items winning bids into the Auction! project as you normally would and then any invoices generated in Auction! will be complete and include all purchases whether made through mobile bidding or standard winning bid entry.

You must purchase Premium Features for Version 4. Contact us directly.

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