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Auction! V4 Cloud

Auction! Cloud - as a Standalone product

Provides full Auction! Version 4 Net capability in a hosted cloud environment. Cloud users do not need to install Auction! V4 on their computers (Mac or Windows PC).

The term of service includes 12 user-months of cloud access. Additional user-months can be purchased in blocks of 6, 12 or 18 user-months at the add-on rate. User-months must be claimed in full calendar month increments.

We issue a limited license for Auction! V4 Network edition for use at the actual event, so that internet will not be necessary at the event. We recommend a local area network of computers be used at the event if more than one computer is needed.

Auction! Cloud - as an add-on to current Auction! V4 desktop license

Over time, this is the most affordable option to add cloud access.

Cloud as an add-on to an existing V4 desktop license provides full Auction! Version 4 capability in a hosted cloud environment. Cloud users are not required to install Auction! V4 on their computers or devices.

The cloud product is identical to the organization's V4 desktop license.  This is why we recommend a V4 Network edition license so that all named cloud users will have access to the same online project at the same time.

User-months can be purchased in 6, 12 or 18 user-month blocks. User-months can be claimed only in full calendar month increments.  User-months must be alloted during the shorter of: one year from activation or the term of technical support for the Auction! V4 desktop license.


While it is possible, we do not recommend using Cloud as either stand alone or as an add on at the actual event.  Why?  Internet access and speed can be problematic at an event venue.

For the event, a backup of the cloud project is restored to a PC that has Auction! V4 desktop installed and licensed. With a Network desktop license this PC can be the host computer for the network of computers at the event.