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Kind Words from Our Customers:

The Auction Systems team have been THE BEST for support and are very knowledgeable. They are always available and we are very grateful for their help. I would, without a doubt, recommend this software for your event.

-- Dorothy,

At the risk of sounding like an uber-nerd, this is just BEAUTIFUL!

-- Dolly,

You folks are doing a great job and everyone should know it...

New England

Could you people be any cooler! I don't think so. I downloaded the software, registered it and have my data transferred over. You people are the greatest!

California Catholic school

You have been fabulous! I can't thank you enough!

Massachusetts religious charity

Thank you for your speedy response, I am ready to go. Auctions are so wonderful, but so much last minute stuff. I still have items arriving at my door!!! Thanks to Auction Systems things are easier to add and move around.


We had our auction yesterday, and once again the Auction! program made the day! For me it’s like having my own “assistant”. It worked perfectly and so smoothly!! It is some of the best money we spend on the auction.


I am constantly amazed at the response time that everyone at Auction Systems gives. It is simply unprecedented toask a question at 10 pm (PDT) at night and get a response a short while after. Your work is very much appreciated.


We began working with software mid April and we were very comfortable with it by the time of our event which was May 26 (and have to be honest, we were only working with it once a week and then several days a week as we got closer to event). We used it a lot the day of event, entering many last minute changes under pressure and with time constraints; entering winning bids, printing invoices, checkout and payments.......all went very well!

The biggest help (and can't say enough about it) was the Auction tech support team. They are phenomenal, responsive and know product very well. They do get you through that learning curve!!!! They answered our calls, rarely did we need to leave message. When we did leave message, they called back in less than 1/2 hr. They did "live assist" with us many times which was also helpful and never rushed us off a call.

I want say my colleague and I are not professionals......just volunteers, so our learning curve probably must smaller than yours. We are so happy we purchased V4 software!!! It is so much better, does so much more. It was worth the effort to learn the new software.


Can't express how much we love this program!!!! Thank you!


I really appreciate your prompt support. I've recommended Auction! to a couple of schools in town who have been learning about how we do our auction.


Thanks again for all your help. We had no problems at all with the software and are waiting for the final figures on our photo orders to add in. At a glance, we will exceed our goal by 50% for our very first event.


Thank SO MUCH for your amazing help today! You go above and beyond and it is greatly appreciated! I am excited to learn the new version!


What an incredible upgrade to V4! Auction Systems has outdone itself!

The panel view in Auction! separates name, item, cash/ in-kind, expenses and others to make data entry simple and organized. This also allows for working between functions. While still in Name Entry you can enter items they have donated by clicking on the Items panel without leaving Name Entry.

Once your items are entered and you are ready to begin specifying actual event night information just click on the Event Prep tab and Assign Bid Numbers, Group Guests, Assign Tables, Categorize Items and more.

Global Changes saves an unbelievable amount of time allowing the user to change information for specific groups of names or items with only a few clicks. This is amazing when working with bid numbers and item numbers. No more changing one at a time.

The specific documents you can create with Auction! are limitless. I was able to print Mailing Labels, Name Tags, Invoices, Bid Sheets, Gift Certificates, Item Tags, Tent Cards, Receipts, Statements and more. Each time using pre-defined documents or choosing to customize my own. This is a major step forward for Auction! as every event for every organization requires reports to be worded and organized in very specific ways.

With Auction! the sky truly is the limit. One of the most critical documents for any event is the Catalog. The specifics for your event are crucial. The success depends heavily on the layout of the information you present to your guests. Are the instructions clear? Are the items easy to find or follow? Are there visual cues? The more information you can give the less room for questions or uncertainty. This too has been addressed by the new version of Auction! Creating the catalog was the most fun for me -from choosing and placing the cover, to the fonts, the color scheme, the personal thank-you’s to committee members and donors etc.

That being said I want to give credit where credit is due. I would not have been able to do any of this without the amazing staff and customer support at Auction Systems. There are so many things to learn and adjust to (if you are a previous user of version 3). Whenever I needed a question answered, which was often, I just picked up the phone. They were always available within minutes, and would always work to answer my question. The thing I loved most was their ability to connect remotely to show you how to get to and organize the information you are searching for. There are so many possibilities with the new upgrade I can’t wait to use it again. We will be trying it out in Golf Tournament mode in just a few weeks. Thank you again Auction Systems, you are the best!